Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Starting a Calligraphy Business At Home!

Do you have a Talent at Scribing & Lettering?

Expand your talent by Selling your Calligraphy Work!

Some people are natural born scribers while others develop the skill over time. Some take classes, study with experts or some learn on their own. As a special gift, you can turn this talent and hobby into a business for yourself. The possibilities are endless! Addressing envelopes for wedding invitations or Christmas cards. Developing your own cards to have printed and sell. Artistic ventures for individuals. Customized art work, lettering and signage.

Hand Calligraphy brings a warm, personal feel to others. While compu
ter-generated lettering may be uniform-looking and suitable for some events, I believe that talent at hand-lettering makes a much stronger impression on others. People seek this kind of specialized talent and service. So much is performed by computers these days, that it is becoming harder to find those who offer this service. Be one that does and capture the market in your area! You can read more of the story about using the calligraphy alphabet for a business here.

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